Quarried diatomite to premium class filter powder enrichment and processing technology at "Diatomit" SP CJSC (Republic of Armenia)

"Diatomit" SP CJSC utilizes diatomite enrichment and processing traditional technology, namely the raw material is dried, enriched and processed by rotating counter flow tubular drums. Hence the selection of relevant machinery and equipment for the complete technological cycle, including:

  • raw diatomite preparation and drying;

  • dried diatomite impurities clearance;

  • dried diatomite calcine enrichment and cooling;

  • calcined diatomite pounding and re-purification;

  • separation, dispersion-based classification and packaging.


Separation and classification are carried out using the equipment of HOSAKAWA MICRON CORPORATION (Japan).


Important technological workflow stages are:

  • pre-calcination purification of dried diatomite;

  • use of waste-flue gas kiln for raw diatomite aeration in tumble dryer;

  • products closed-loop pneumatic transportation and precipitation in pulsating bag filters;

  • dried and calcined diatomite mild pounding by shock-and-vortex grinders;

  • temperature monitoring and adjustment in compliance with the calcination and drying temperature regimes;

  • dispersion-based classification depending on filter powder application.

Plants laboratory is furnished with a complete range of necessary equipment for the classification and burning processes. Physicochemical property characterization is carried out strictly in comlience with uniform working procedures set forth by the "European professional association for in-depth filtration".

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